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I’m Cheyenne Comerford - photographer, music lover, adrenaline junkie, and coffee addict from Detroit, MI. My love for music started when I was a kid being obsessed with AC/DC, Van Halen, Def Leppard, and Evanescence to name a few. I started playing guitar when I was 7 and dreamed of being a rockstar. I then got really involved with horses when I was about 11 and started to compete at 16. I fell in love with taking photos of horses so I always had my camera on me at horse shows and took photos of everyone I knew. I ended up having a few photos of a friend in the NRHA Reiner Magazine which was a huge deal for me but I never really thought about photography as a career- I wanted to train and show horses for a living. A few years later, after qualifying for a national competition and seeing how the business side of the horse industry was, I realized that training horses was NOT what I wanted. This is when I was finally able to start going to all the concerts that I had missed out on for years because I was always working or was away at a horse show. This is when I found out that shooting concerts was a thing and I knew right away that I needed to pursue that since it combined 2 of my favorite things. It took a while to learn the ropes but the past few years have been amazing and I have met the best people and I finally feel like I found my calling. After falling in love with photography again through shooting concerts, I now also shoot band promos, recording studio/ behind the scenes, portraits, weddings, and other events. I have also been getting really involved with videography which I would love to do more of! Shoot me an email if you want to set up a shoot, Id love to work with you on creating exactly what you’re dreaming of!